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Customizable "Home" State and City Sign

Customizable "Home" State and City Sign

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This customizable "Home" sign is a charming and personalized piece of decor, perfect for showcasing your pride in your state and city. The sign features a rustic design with distressed white wooden panels and bold black lettering. The word "HOME" is prominently displayed horizontally, with the "O" cleverly replaced by an outline of your chosen state, including a small red heart marking your specific city. Additionally, the name of the state and city, such as "Maui, Hawaii," is written horizontally at the bottom left corner, accompanied by a green palm tree icon, adding a touch of tropical flair.

Ideal for any living space, this sign is a wonderful way to bring a personalized and homey touch to your decor. The customizable aspect allows you to represent any state and city, making it a thoughtful gift for friends and family, or a unique addition to your own home.

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